Lipolis 7

Anti-ageing and Fat-Busting

Bought to you by Heaven Skincare, the Lipolis 7 is a Wonder Treatment for the whole body!  The Willow&BeeRoom are pleased to offer this treatment and is the only place within a 30 mile radius.  

Achieve outstanding results with the latest in anti-ageing technology. The Lipolis7 treatment passes electric currents into the body to stimulate nerves and muscles. Skin conditions are treated by exposing the body to timed amounts of specific frequencies of light. Face-lift like results after one treatment! Non-invasive and pain-free, the treatment improves skin-tone instantly as well as targeting fat cells and reducing cellulite. There is no down-time after the treatment.

• Tightening & Lifting Sagging Skin  • Reduces Wrinkles   • Enhances Skin Luminosity   • Localised Fat Reduction
• Reduces Cellulite   • Increases Collagen Levels

• Prices are £85 per area   • Individual areas are:   • Face   • Front of legs & hip area  • Back of legs & buttocks  
• Stomach   • Back   • Arms   • A course of five is recommended with 1 week between each treatment.
• Price is negotiable for more than one area.    

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